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Homeric Stitchings

Литагента Гарднерза, M D Usher

Homeric Stitchings is the first extended study of the Homeric Centos, a long pastiche poem on a biblical theme composed by the Theodosian Empress Eudocia using only verses from the Iliad and the Odyssey. Building upon recent work on Homeric poetics, ...

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Sophocles and the Politics of Tragedy

Литагента Гарднерза, Jonathan N (St. John's College Annapolis USA) Badger

Sophocles and the Politics of Tragedy?is an inquiry into a fundamental political problem made visible through the tragic poetry of Sophocles.?In part I?Badger offers a detailed exegesis of three plays:?Ajax,?Antigone, and?Philoctetes. These plays share...

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